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Michael Vick reportedly won't rework Eagles contract

On Thursday, Michael Vick pointed to the change in offensive line coaches in Philadelphia as the beginning of the end for the Eagles' offense. On Friday, a report suggested Vick has little desire to remain on the team in 2013.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported via a "source familiar with Vick's thinking" that the quarterback would not be willing to renegotiate his contract in order to stay with the Eagles. He's due $15.5 million next season, and the Eagles are extremely unlikely to pay Vick that much even if they were interested in keeping him next year.

Vick wouldn't publicly comment on the possibility of renegotiating his contract, but his stance hardly is a surprise. Vick is headed for a big pay cut in 2013, but he can maximize his earning potential and options if he becomes a free agent. The Eagles owe Vick $3 million guaranteed on Feb. 6, so they won't be able to wait long to make a decision on him -- unless they paid the guarantee and tried to trade him.

If the Eagles do release him in early February, Vick essentially will own the free-agent market for weeks before other quarterbacks. No wonder he doesn't want to renegotiate.

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