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Michael Vick plans to run more for Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick's roller-coaster ride in Philadelphia looked to be over at the end of last season. When Chip Kelly arrived, Vick got a second life.

The Eagles' starting quarterback is one of the most fascinating players in the NFL once again because he's in an up-tempo offense perfectly suited to his strengths. And those strengths include running the football more.

"I will be a threat," Vick said Thursday, via "I'm going to have my opportunities to do the things I like to do within this offense and to run the football. That's exciting."

So what about the extra pounding that Vick will take by running more?

"We have an answer for that -- 220 pounds standing right here, soaking wet," Vick said with confidence. "Hopefully I'll be able to maintain (taking) the hits. I've been taking my vitamins, taking calcium like never before, just doing things that will give me an edge."

Vick last played 16 games in a season in 2006, the same year he ran for more than 1,000 yards. That feels like a lifetime ago. It's hard to imagine him achieving either milestone this season, but it'll be fun to watch him try.

As I mentioned on our latest "Around The League Podcast," nothing Vick does surprises me anymore. He could go right back to being a top-shelf quarterback or he could badly slump. Considering his track record, he might do both in the same season.

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