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Michael Vick mimics Robert Griffin III on scout team

What a difference three seasons can make it. It wasn't so long ago that Michael Vick was simply grateful to have a job in the NFL, when the Philadelphia Eagles signed him to a low-risk deal after he was released from prison.

He started out as the Eagles' No. 3 quarterback behind Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb, eventually rose to starter and MVP candidate, and again became one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL. And now he's back to No. 3 on the depth chart, running the scout team.

This week's opponent: The Washington Redskins. That means Vick is mimicking Robert Griffin III in practice. So, can he simulate Griffin?

"He's a lot younger than me," Vick answered Wednesday via the Philadelphia Inquirer.

We give Vick credit for handling the demotion well. He knows that a starting opportunity might be waiting around the corner next year and he's certainly saying all the right things.

"I can't be upset or disgruntled about anything that happens, it's just a blessing to be back playing football, from where I came from, and the opportunities that I've had over the last three or four years, I would have never thought," Vick said Monday. "This is what I love, and I realized that today, out there throwing balls on the scout team."

Vick has problems being a consistent starter in the NFL. Leaving head coach Andy Reid probably won't help that consistency, but we still think he would fill plenty of starting quarterback spots around the league.

There are two weeks left for Vick on the scout team, but he should be back to a starter's role next year. It just won't be in Philadelphia.

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