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Michael Vick hopes Philadelphia Eagles feel urgency

Around these parts, Sunday's matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys has been dubbed the "Desperation Bowl." Quarterback Michael Vick might not sign off on that title, but he certainly realizes what's at stake.

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"We all understand the situation -- hopefully everybody understands the situation. I know I do," Vick said, via "It's not a situation we planned on being in. But you've seen a lot of teams with their backs against the wall and they come out doing everything they need to do in order to succeed. We've got to take on that mindset; we'll find out on Sunday."

These are type of things 3-5 teams say. It's the same reason Mark Sanchez was walking around the New York Jets locker room on Friday wearing a team-issued shirt that read, "We will persist."

There's still hope at 3-5. All bets are off when you hit November and your loss total doubles your wins.

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"That's the question: do the other guys -- the young guys -- understand what's at stake?" Vick went on. "Not just as far as our careers go, just as far as this organization and winning. That's what it's all about. I'm not thinking about next year, I'm not thinking about what's going to happen. I'm thinking about this very game because that's what's more important. We have to live in the now."

Vick is saying the right things, but it's only human for him to look ahead just a bit. If he truly understands the situation, he knows he's playing for his job (and that juicy contract) over the next eight weeks.

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