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Michael Vick: Guys like Robert Griffin III 'idolized me'

A lot of folks are uncomfortable with comparisons between Michael Vick and Robert Griffin III because they have such different skill sets outside of their running ability.

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One person that doesn't shy away from the comparison: Michael Vick.

"I think it's a great comparison," Vick said on WLZL-FM, via The Washington Post's "D.C. Sports Blog". "I think guys like RG3 idolized me as they grew up playing football. I think Cam and Robert Griffin III both were inspired by me and my play. And that's me being a trend setter, game transcending, and guys wanting to emulate one another. ... And I think that's what it's all about. I wanted to emulate Steve Young and be just like him, and Charlie Ward, and Randall Cunningham, guys who played before me."

Griffin, for his part, said he watched Vick growing up and loved hearing him speak at last month's rookie symposium.

"Everybody in that room was zoned in," Griffin said. "He's a guy that everything he says holds some power."

Vick talked about transcending the game and being a trend setter for young pups like Griffin. We don't really know if Newton and Griffin "idolized" Vick, but now the question is whether or not they can surpass him.

It is too much to ask Griffin to be that good in his first year, but we'd guess that most NFL observers expect Griffin to have a superior career to Vick's. Even though RG3 hasn't taken an NFL snap yet. That's the sort of hype we are dealing with, and we love it.

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