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Michael Vick an option for Jets in Wildcat packages

Just last week, coach Rex Ryan dismissed the idea of Michael Vick as a change-of-pace quarterback, joking that it "never worked out great the last time."

After witnessing Vick's "special talent" in the New York Jets' preseason opener, Ryan has had a change of heart.

"You're trying to win the game," Ryan said Saturday, via "If you think that's the best thing for your team, then absolutely you'll consider it."

Ryan's answer came in response to a question about using Vick in Wildcat packages.

Maybe Ryan is simply giving defensive coordinators something to think about. On the other hand, Ryan has been perhaps the NFL's biggest proponent of a gadget play that has gone the way of the single-bar facemask over the past few years.

You can bet the Jets will be working on their Wildcat package before training camp is out.

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