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Michael Strahan reportedly Kelly Ripa co-host finalist

The producers of "Live! with Kelly Ripa" have been searching for a new host since writing Regis Philbin off the show. This information has come to light at Around the League headquarters because former New York Giants defensive end and current Fox analyst Michael Strahan is one of the three finalists to take Philbin's job.

Don't get too excited about the news yet. Strahan, who has guest hosted the show a few times since Philbin was booted in November, is reportedly the underdog to get the gig behind Seth Meyers of "Saturday Night Live", according to Singer Josh Groban (!?) is also in the mix.

Editor's Note: If we know our readers, we doubt many of you are excited about this news. And if you are excited, it probably means you are unemployed so that you can actually watch the show.

*Editor's Note to the Editor's Note: *If you are unemployed and watching the show regularly, you might want to re-think your job acquisition strategy.

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