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Michael Strahan questions Amani Toomer's QB pick

Former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan believes an old teammate of his, Amani Toomer, could use some help.

After Strahan heard Toomer call Tony Romo -- not Eli Manning -- the NFC East's best quarterback, all the warning signs were there:

"You gotta check his house for bath salts," Strahan told "Hill & Schlereth" on ESPN Radio (funny to all except those swallowed up by reports of a zombie uprising).

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Strahan and Toomer both won a Super Bowl with Manning at quarterback, prompting Strahan to call the former wideout's commentary "surprising." (It's increasingly less so when you consider Toomer's trying to make his mark as an analyst on SiriusXM NFL Radio.)

"I look at Eli and I think he's the only two-time-winning quarterback in the league who probably gets less respect than anybody else," Strahan said. "And I think maybe it's his demeanor, maybe it's just the way he goes about his business where he's not showy, and it's doesn't look fancy -- and it's not extravagant-looking."

Strahan told ESPN Radio this is "not the same Eli" he saw earlier in his career because Manning has found confidence in himself. Makes sense. He's stepped out of Peyton's shadow and he's certainly not worried about comparisons to Tony Romo.

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