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Michael Sam: 'Thank God' Dungy wasn't Rams' coach

Former NFL coach Tony Dungy found himself in the PR Bermuda Triangle on Monday when he told a Tampa newspaper he would not have drafted Michael Sam because of possible distractions associated with the NFL's first openly gay player.

Dungy did his best to clarify his comments after the predictable backlash ensued. On Tuesday, Sam was asked about what Dungy had to say.

"Thank God he wasn't St. Louis Rams' coach," Sam said with a chuckle. "But I have a great respect for Dungy, and everyone in America is entitled to their own opinions."

Sam wasn't interested in remaining on the topic. Moments later, he cut off a reporter asking a follow-up question.

"I don't really care what people are coming up and talking about," Sam said. "My job is to make this team, that's my number one priority."

Sam gets it. He's a seventh-round pick facing an uphill battle to land a roster spot this summer. There's nothing to gain by repeatedly offering his opinions on the opinions of others.

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