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Michael Bennett: Peyton Manning has no 'happy feet'

JERSEY CITY, N.J. -- During Tuesday's Media Day, Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Tony McDaniel told Around The League that his film study of Peyton Manning revealed a quarterback with "happy feet."

Speaking of the Denver Broncos signal-caller, McDaniel said that "if he don't see them guys open, he'll start dancing and getting real antsy and just throw the ball."

Fellow Seahawks lineman Michael Bennett isn't so sure that McDaniel or anyone else has cracked the code on Peyton.

"I don't know, I never seen his happy feet," Bennettt said. "I only seen a movie called 'Happy Feet,' and it's about a penguin dancer, so I don't know if Peyton Manning has happy feet. I know he's a good quarterback, he does what he does every week and he plays at a high level in and out."

Bennett has been candid with the media all week, but he wouldn't say a word about how defensive coordinator Dan Quinn plans to disrupt Manning on Sunday with Seattle's pass rush.

"I can't really tell you our plan," said Bennett, "because that would be cheating and all the people in Vegas would have the odds."

That's an angle we, admittedly, didn't ponder before floating the question.

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