Michael Bennett fined for Alex Smith hit; Suggs avoids fine

Michael Bennett's rant on quarterbacks getting special treatment apparently hasn't helped his cause.

The Seattle Seahawks defensive end was fined $17,363 for striking Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith in the head and neck area, a league source told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport on Friday.

Bennett's hit drew a roughing the passer flag during the Chiefs' first offensive play of a 14-13 victory last week.

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs wasn't fined for his hit on Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford, Rapoport reported, via a league source. Suggs received criticism for aiming at Bradford's knees.

During Bennett's outburst he mentioned Suggs low hit on Bradford -- calling it just more special treatment for guys under center.

"Then quarterbacks get protected more than any other player," Bennett said. "I mean, he gets hit in his knees and he's about to cry, making a whimpering sound: 'They hit me in my legs.' Everybody gets hit in their legs. Every play somebody tries to hit me in my legs. So what makes him different? What makes his life better than mine? I've got kids. I've got stuff I like to do on the weekend.

"But because he gets hit in his legs, he gets a flag. He gets up with a sad face like the world just ended because he got hit. I mean, you got hit in an NFL game. Who cares? Get back up and be like, 'Good job.'"

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