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Miami Dolphins moving playbooks onto iPads

The Miami Dolphins have become the latest team to embrace technology, uploading their monster-sized playbooks onto iPads. Some players already were using the device to watch game film, and the move to a tablet will cut down on the team's paper usage.

"It's convenient," Dolphins wide receiver Davone Bess said, according to a Saturday report from Mike Berardino of the Sun-Sentinel. "Every day we were getting stacks and stacks of papers with the installs. Now they can just download them on the iPad and it's there — Bam!"

An added benefit to the move toward iPad is that NFL rules now permit the use of a tablet in the locker room right up until kickoff. As noted by The Denver Post in April, security features would allow for the playbooks to be scrubbed from the device if it is lost, stolen or if the network connection is lost for a period of time.

Berardino notes that to keep the devices from being a distraction, the Dolphins will fine players $10,000 if they visit any unauthorized Web sites. YouTube and Twitter were mentioned as unauthorized sites.

Somehow we doubt that will slow @ochocinco's Twitter game.

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