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Memorable moments with Bennett ... any on the field?

A reporter once said that Martellus Bennett produced more quotes than touchdowns during his career at Texas A&M, and he has certainly lived up to that reputation during his brief tenure with the Cowboys. In three years, Bennett has been more Mike Vanderjagt and less Jay Novacek.

His recent comments about a quarterback competition between Tony Romo and Jon Kitna caused quite a stir, but should be taken with a large grain of salt. To be honest, this latest outburst -- which has proved to be more laughable than the "George Lopez Show" -- doesn't even crack his top six moments of infamy. We'll count those down right now.

And without further ado ...

6. You ought to be in pictures
You have never truly arrived as an NFL star until you have a nude photo released. In Bennett's case, a scorned ex- released photos taken years earlier, which of course, he apologized for. At least he didn't make this list.

5. Twitter feud
Actually, you have never truly arrived as an NFL star until you have a nude photo released and you get into a Twitter war with somebody. Bennett called out Vince Young's late-night exploits which is a lot like Charlie Sheen calling somebody self-absorbed. He, of course, later apologized for. Bennett, not Sheen. Charlie went on tour and killed in Cleveland!

4. Blogger
Bennett became a blogger for the Dallas Morning News to rave reviews and helped popularize the phrase, "WWMBD?" As in "What would Marty B. do?" Topics of his blog included Martians, Mel Kiper, Jr. and flatulence. In other words, just about what you would expect. We're only sorry he stopped.

3. Video nearly killed the football star
Bennett should flee when the camera's red light flashes. Bennett started his career being portrayed as an unmotivated rube on HBO's "Hard Knocks." Bennett has racked up the fines while managing to offend, well, just about everybody with his YouTube video exploits. He, of course, later apologized for all of it.

2. Romo was the man
The relationship between Bennett and Romo was not always contentious. Bennett was thrilled to play with Romo coming out of college, thanks to the quarterback's famous girlfriend. "Any quarterback that can get Jessica Simpson, I've got to play with him," Bennett said after being drafted by the Cowboys. Maybe Bennett is still smarting from their breakup.

1. He scores
Bennett actually did have one noteworthy moment from his NFL career on the field. Bennett caught the winning touchdown pass against the Redskinsin Week 11 of 2008. The quarterback? Oh yeah ... Romo.

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