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McNabb makes sense as security blanket for Bears, Texans

Here we go again. One week after QB Kyle Orton hit waivers, now it's Donovan McNabb's turn, as the Vikingshave agreed to release McNabb today. Which team will claim McNabb and what will the 13-year veteran QB bring to the table?

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  • Jeff Darlington
  • Time for McNabb to call it a career

When quarterback Kyle Orton landed on waivers, three teams saw him beneficial enough to add the former starter: Kansas City (where he landed), Dallas and Chicago. If that's an indication of the potential teams desiring quarterbacks -- and not simply an indication of the teams that liked Orton -- then it stands to reason McNabb will wind up in one of those two places.

But I'm not convinced that's necessarily the case. Orton, at this point in his career, is a better option than McNabb -- which is the reason a team like Dallas would make a move to add him. Plus, is McNabb really interested in serving as a full-time backup? Maybe McNabb winds up in his hometown of Chicago with plans for a fairytale conclusion to his storied career. Or maybe he doesn't. In which case, perhaps it's time for McNabb to call it a career.

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  • Jason La Canfora NFL Network
  • McNabb makes sense as a backup

If I'm a decision-maker for the Bears or Texans -- maybe even the Cowboys -- I'm claiming McNabb. At this age, and given his struggles in recent years, I'll take McNabb as a backup over Jake Delhomme in Houston (he was retired and essentially out of football all season) or Josh McCown in Chicago (hasn't taken a regular season snap since 2009). And with Jon Kitna ailing, Dallas might consider it as well.

McNabb would love to be a Bear. He may not be a great fit in Mike Martz's system, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and I'd take him for $1.48 million backing up Caleb Hanie for sure. And man, I'd definitely take him as security to keep a short leash on T.J. Yates, as well.

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  • Steve Wyche
  • No-brainer for Texans, Bears

I can't see how the Texans or Bears couldn't make a claim.

The only thing that seemingly would prevent Chicago from doing so is if the Bears' doctors believe Jay Cutler will return within the next three or four weeks. Even so, Chicago's playoff hopes could be done by then if the team continues to lose.

GM Jerry Angelo recently told me that the team believes Caleb Hanie will be fine in large part because he's been in the system and that bringing in a short-term ringer rarely works. Still, McNabb has been in big games before and that could be enough with the Bears' defense and running game.

As for the Texans, the scheme fits more of what McNabb has done through his career and he could step in and be more suited to play down the stretch than anyone on the roster. That includes Jake Delhomme, who hasn't taken a snap of any kind with an NFL team all season. Houston should make the playoffs regardless but quarterback play is so important in the postseason that a shot at McNabb couldn't hurt.

What could be most telling about how teams view McNabb is if he doesn't get claimed at all -- and that could happen.

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