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McCoy: Giants were 'kind of scared' of Eagles going deep

Apparently, a 29-16 beating by the Giants did little to convince LeSean McCoy that his Eagles lost to a superior team.

"That team over there is not better than us," McCoy told the New York Daily News). "But we can't keep saying that each week we lose."

The big talk, coming from an Eagles squad that sits alone at the bottom of the NFC East, falls on deaf ears.

Still, the outspoken McCoy -- perhaps smarting from Osi Umenyiora labeling him "a little girl" -- didn't hold back in tweaking New York's efforts.

Said McCoy: "I don't know ... if they were kind of scared of us going deep or what, but they didn't really blitz as much as we thought."

In a moment of self-reflection, Shady next pointed a finger at a touted Eagles roster that many felt would carry the conference.

"Everybody's hyping us up to be this great team, and we lose two games straight," he added. "Nobody's going to give us victories because we got all the best players."

We feel this would have been a good week for McCoy to keep quiet and get to work. He doesn't need to apologize for his play -- with 57 rushes for 345 yards in just three games -- but continuing to antagonize a team that just scattered you to the wind? It only brightens that target on your chest, which is fine, if you can back up the chatter.

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