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McCoy doesn't believe Reid deserves blame for Eagles' struggles

LeSean McCoy is having a All-Pro season, but the dynamic running back said he'd give all the numbers back if it fixed the Eagles this season.

McCoy sat down with NFL Network's Deion Sanders ahead of Thursday's do-or-die matchup against the Seattle Seahawks, where he was asked what's gone wrong in Philadelphia.

"We let all the small things kind of affect our team," said McCoy, who entered Week 13 with a league-best 1,050 yards rushing. "We have a lot of talent, just small things with turnovers, not being disciplined, moving the ball up and down the field and getting in the red zone then turning the ball over. It's hard to win games in this league."

McCoy, 23, says calls for Eagles coach Andy Reid to be fired are unfair.

"If he was winning all these games and the 'Dream Team' thing was still buzzing it, they would be putting him up there with the greats," McCoy said. "He takes all the blame and it's not his fault. He's not out there missing tackles, missing catches, fumbling the ball, turnovers. He has nothing to do with that."

McCoy is a building block of the franchise, so you can be sure he will survive any housecleaning in Philly. The running back believes his coach is also safe despite speculation to the contrary.

"For sure he'll be there, for sure," McCoy said. "We'll get this thing together. This year or next year or the years to come. We'll get it together."

Unless McCoy knows something we don't, we'd tell him to be prepared for anything. Reid might deserve a shot at redemption in 2012, but an especially ugly ending to this season could be the final nail in his coffin.

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