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McCoy: Darren Sproles has quickest feet I've ever seen

Darren Sproles' role in Chip Kelly's offense will be one of the intriguing plot lines as we encroach upon training camp.

In an interview this week with NFL Media's Rich Eisen, the eponymous host of The Rich Eisen Podcast, Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy crowed about playing with the diminutive back.

"Sproles has the quickest feet I've ever seen out of any player," McCoy said. "He'll help us out tremendously. I think the best thing about him, what he brings to this team is not only leadership and experience, but also just another big playmaker on the team. You talk about losing DeSean (Jackson), but I think Howie (Roseman) and Chip did a great job of bringing another playmaker to our team."

We can't argue with the quickest feet comment. Watching Sproles pick them up and put them down is part of the joy of watching him on a football field.

The shifty veteran is expected to play roles in the running game, special teams and passing game  -- just don't make the mistake of calling him a receiver.

The slippery duo of McCoy and Sproles dancing in the Eagles' backfield will stress opponents with their versatility. 

"With me and him in the backfield together it will definitely cause an issue with the defense," McCoy said.

When Eagles camp starts July 25, we'll begin to see just how much that dangerous duo will be utilized in tandem.

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