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Maurice Jones-Drew ready to move past Jags holdout

Declaring himself game-ready and prepared to put the past behind him, Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew spoke out on Sunday after ending his 38-day holdout.

"Sorry it's so tense in here," Jones-Drew told reporters. "Let's make sure we get all this out of the way. This is the last talk about the contract situation."

Jones-Drew was feisty and outspoken during his availability, saying the holdout was his decision alone and a matter of principle, while acknowledging he was bothered by the public comments made by new owner Shahid Khan.

"I was disappointed about the comments," Jones-Drew said. "I expect (the media) or people outside the organization to make comments like that, but when you do get it inside the organization with how hard you work with the time you put in through the offseason, the time you put into the facility away from your family you expect a little more, I guess, appreciation."

Jones-Drew is referring to Khan's infamous "Train is leaving the station," line last month, a tactical error by Khan that enflamed nerves. Jones-Drew responded at the time by saying he was open to a trade.

"I thought about extending to the season, coming back at 10 games, but my love of the game, my teammates, I just wouldn't do that," he said. "We're over it. It's solved for the time being and I'm just ready to move on."

Jones-Drew believes he could play next Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, though the team plans to start Rashad Jennings at this time. He said that he received the playbook at OTAs and "got the gist of a lot of things." He also added he drafted himself No. 1 in fantasy and doesn't plan to get a haircut or shave his beard ever again.

We told you he was feisty.

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