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Maurice Jones-Drew, Michael Turner debate injuries

A recent piece on featured a roundtable with three of the game's top running backs: Maurice Jones-Drew, Adrian Peterson and Michael Turner.

SI's Dennis Dillon asked a bunch of questions, but this one stuck out: Would you rather take a dangerous hit to the head or the knee? Here's what they had to say:

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*Jones-Drew:* "My head, because I can recover from that. A knee injury might take some time. ... Let me say this about concussions. I know it's a big thing going around right now, and there are some things that can prevent them. I truly think it's not the first one that hurts you; it's the ones that come after while the first one is still going on. There are some guys who don't wear mouthpieces. I think they're crazy. Obviously, the helmet you wear is going to protect you as well. But I really think the mouthpiece is one of the bigger things. Your teeth click together and that's how your brain rattles. If you're not wearing a mouthpiece, things can get a little out of control."

*Peterson:* (Laughs) "I'd rather deliver the blow. ... That's a hard question. As a running back, you don't want to injure your legs -- obviously, I'm coming off an ACL (injury) -- but you don't want to have brain damage, either. I pass on that one."

*Turner:* "Head. It seems like you can come back from a head injury, but a knee injury can be disastrous and career ending more so than a head (injury) right now. If I had multiple concussions, I would pick the knee. But I've never had either, so I'd say the knee first."

While we're at it: Would you rather tumble six stories out of an open window into a thorn bush swimming with angry hornets? Or battle a half-shark/half-cheetah creature that's just ripped its way into your workplace? You tell us.

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