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'Mature' Vince Young ready to prove value to Packers

Vince Young got another chance at an NFL career, and he's prepared to take on any role that comes with it.

"I just want to get in here and earn the team respect and staff and coaches' respect and continue to keep playing football, the game that I love," Young said Tuesday after his first practice with the Green Bay Packers.

Young is talking the talk after spending a humbling 2012 out of football. The former Heisman Trophy candidate said he's changed his ways from the shirtless-in-a-club-drinking-right-from-the-bottle Young who seemed determined to bust out of the NFL.

"Maturing," Young said, per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "That's the biggest thing. Back in the day, I was a young Vince. Now, I'm more mature and definitely learned from things that happened in the past. I'm married now, a grown man, 30 years old. I'm kind of like the old head in this locker room."

The question: What will mature Vince actually bring to the table?

A personnel executive of one of Young's former teams told the Journal Sentinel's Tyler Dunne that the quarterback has "a terrible make-up" to be a backup and was "baffled" that Ted Thompson would sign a player who apparently struggled to grasp offenses.

Still, Young provides intrigue -- at an extremely, extremely low risk -- to the position and, as he told reporters Tuesday, his 31-19 record as a starter "speaks for itself." Now VY needs to be seen (with his jersey on) and not heard.

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