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Matthew Stafford: Super Bowl comes before top dollar

We noted Tuesday that Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford owns a 1-23 record against teams with a winning percentage over .500. Through four seasons, his overall record is 17-28.

Although wins are a primitive way to measure quarterback success, Stafford realizes his team will have to experience more success before he's paid like Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees.

"Super Bowl ring. That's what those guys have," Stafford said Wednesday, via the Detroit Free Press. "League MVP, Super Bowl rings, years of experience doing it."

On one hand, Stafford's 2012 touchdown rate was worse than those of Mark Sanchez, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Blaine Gabbert. His 6.8 yards per attempt was in the bottom third among NFL quarterbacks. His mechanics and delivery have been inconsistent, leading to bouts of inaccuracy.

On the other hand, Stafford is younger than Colin Kaepernick. Stafford will be just 29 years old when his five-year, $76.5 million contract expires. He boasts arguably the most powerful arm in the NFL and holds the league record for passing yards, attempts and completions per game.

By the time his next contract rolls around, Stafford very well could join the ranks of highest-paid NFL quarterbacks.

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