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Matt Schaub dodges golf cart at Houston Texans camp

Matt Schaub won't win any awards for his mobility, but the Houston Texans quarterback was swift enough to avoid disaster Wednesday.

Schaub narrowly avoided an oncoming golf cart at practice, telling the Houston Chronicle: "It's a good thing I've got such nimble feet. That's the youthfulness coach (Gary Kubiak) talks about."

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Nice work by Schaub, whose play this season is likely to decide his future with the Texans. He's 32 and stumbled down the stretch last season as Houston lost three of its final four regular-season tilts to eventual playoff teams. A vicious postseason loss to New England -- after the Patriots shredded the Texans in Week 14 -- raised questions about Schaub's ability to slay the NFL's big boys.

Another concern is the Texans' injury-riddled, inconsistent right side of the offensive line. Schaub is dodging oncoming vehicles today; it will be angry pass rushers soon enough.

Houston, we might have a problem.

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