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Matt Flynn, Oakland Raiders might have staredown

A trade that would send Matt Flynn from the Seattle Seahawks to the Oakland Raiders is close to happening. Someone might have to blink in a staredown between Flynn and the Raiders for the deal to go down.'s Albert Breer reported Friday that trade terms between the Seahawks and Raiders have been settled. The Seahawks would acquire a 2013 draft pick and a conditional 2014 selection as part of the deal, if it's completed. The Seahawks' portion of the deal essentially is done. Now it's on the Raiders.

Sources familiar with Flynn's thinking told Rapoport that the quarterback would be resistant to changing the terms of his contract. That indicates the Raiders aren't necessarily happy with paying Flynn $5.25 million in 2013 and $6.25 million in 2014. This looks like the holdup.

It's telling that the Raiders might be looking to change Flynn's contract. If that's the case, they must not see him as a true starting quarterback. The $5.25 million figure is barely more than Matt Hasselbeck will get as a clear backup with the Indianapolis Colts. The Raiders must see Flynn as an option to start, but someone who will have to compete for the job. (Carson Palmer, meanwhile, surely would be released in short order if the Raiders add Flynn. It's also possible the Raiders are trying to find a suitor for Palmer in the meantime.)

It makes sense for Flynn to stand his ground. He's due good money from the Seahawks. Does he really want to take a lesser contract to join a difficult situation on the Raiders? Even if the Seahawks eventually cut Flynn, at least he'd get to choose his team.

One last thing to keep in mind: The Raiders don't have a lot of salary-cap space. Flynn might have to take less money to make this happen. We'll see if Flynn or the Raiders flinch first.

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