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Matt Barkley of Eagles replies to ESPN reporter's tweet

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Matt Barkley probably was never going to be a top 10 NFL draft pick. The same issues that NFL teams found during Barkley's senior year at USC would have shown up in the pre-draft process even if he came out as a junior.

So it's probably unfair in the tweet below to say Barkley's decision to return to school cost him tens of millions of dollars. (Even if it did cost Barkley some money when he fell to the fourth round and the Eagles this year.) It's a topic that sounds like a sore subject for the rookie quarterback.

On one hand, that's a pretty hilarious hashtag. On the other, Barkley's joke shows he's sensitive about the issue. Philadelphia is not a place you want to be if you are sensitive to comments from a very fair reporter. (Just wait until the unfair analysis that will be thrown Barkley's way in Philly.)

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