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Marvin Lewis asked Rex Ryan for Wildcat-free game

Maybe the New York Jets believe stunning chunks of yardage will come from their not-so-secret Wildcat package this season. They better hope so. Very little was produced out of their base offense during Friday night's 17-6 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

This preseason opener for the Jets -- plus or minus Tim Tebow -- soon will drift forgotten into history. It was a vanilla affair, but part of New York's woes on offense can be chalked up to a gentlemen's agreement.

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis called Ryan on Thursday to say he didn't want to see the Wildcat make its debut against his defense, Brian Costello of the New York Post reported after the game.

Not an unusual move during the preseason, when coaches are willing -- and seem to expect -- these types of requests from their peers.

Last preseason, New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton anticipated a call from Jim Harbaugh before his San Francisco 49ers debut. That conversation presumably would lead to an agreement on how the game would be played. When Harbaugh failed to pick up the phone, Payton gave (the now-infamous) Gregg Williams the green light to "let the dogs out," according to Saints radio broadcaster Jim Henderson. The upshot: The Saintspiled up six sacks on the 49ers.

At some point this preseason, we'll catch a hint of Tebow's Wildcat act. Marvin Lewis wanted nothing to do with it tonight, and his wish was granted.

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