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Marvin Harrison talks Peyton Manning at NFL draft

NEW YORK -- While taking a lap through the players' green room Friday night, I was surprised to see former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison.

Seeing as Harrison always will be remembered as Peyton Manning's go-to receiver, I had to ask him if he followed the quarterback's free-agency journey that ended in Denver.

"You couldn't help but follow it. It was everywhere," Harrison said. "I followed it, but I really just hope Peyton's healthy and he can go out there and play well again this year."

I asked Harrison if anyone should doubt that Manning has more good years left in him.

"That's not for me to decide. Peyton is his own guy, a very smart and intelligent person, let alone quarterback," Harrison said. "If he doesn't have any health problems, he'll continue to be the great quarterback he has been."

Harrison's NFL career ended after the 2008 season, and he has been off the radar since his name was tied to two shooting incidents in his hometown of Philadelphia. (Harrison has never faced charges stemming from the incidents.)

Who knows what a person is like behind closed doors, but Harrison came off as a shy and down-to-earth guy. Odd to think there could be another side to the story.

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