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Martellus Bennett says he has the body of Atlas

New York Giants tight end Martellus Bennett wants everyone in the New York area to know that he's not out of shape. To prove his point, he conducted an interview on Monday with his shirt off.

"Do I look fat?" Bennett asked reporters, via the New York Daily News. "I had to let the world see" his "6 1/2 pack" abs. Bennett said he has an "Atlas" body that makes him one of the five strongest guys of the team.

*(Editor's Note: *Stories like this are a good reminder that it's June.)

News came out last week that Bennett's weight has ballooned this offseason to 291 pounds. The Giants are counting on Bennett to handle a big role after injuries to Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum in the Super Bowl.

Bennett is unable to practice because of a hamstring injury. Whether that injury was caused or affected by Bennett's surprising weight gain, it looks like the gain did not come from eating too much. Bennett said he's turned himself into a "physical freak", and Giants coach Tom Coughlin says he's not overly concerned with the former Cowboys player's conditioning.

So we can probably hold off any thoughts of moving Bennett to tackle.

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