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Martellus Bennett is going to like Super Bowl week

The Patriotswon their seventh AFC Championship Game in the Brady/Belichick era on Sunday night, the latest accomplishment for a team enjoying the longest run of dominance in NFL history.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick represent the only connective tissue to the first conference title -- it came way back in 2002 -- but the Patriots follow their leaders in terms of how they conduct themselves after these victories.

And that's why we don't see wild locker room celebrations in Foxborough. Making the Super Bowl isn't good enough -- the season is only a success if the Pats close the thing out.

The matter-of-factness of it all can be a little exhausting for the average football fan, but luckily we have some fresh blood to liven things up. Let's start with tight end Martellus Bennett, a first-year Patriot who will head to his first Super Bowl in his ninth pro season.

Bonus points for Marty getting down to some peak '80s Whitney pop.

Another nine-year veteran getting his first taste of the Super Bowl is Chris Long. The defensive end played his first eight seasons with the Rams, which meant he was nowhere near the celebration before now.

Expect a big Media Night showing from both veterans. Bennett is our pick for MNMVP when you combine his personality with the drive to outshine his brother on this stage. That won't be easy.

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