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Martellus Bennett grabs falling fan after Giants game

New York Giants tight end Martellus Bennett, the self-dubbed "Black Unicorn," performed a superhero-worthy feat after New York's win last night. He caught a fan that was falling from the stands. Seriously.

Bennett was trying to give his gloves to a kid in the stands according to Jenny Vrentas of The Star-Ledger, when a middle-aged man leaned over the railing and fell on Bennett.

"I just did what any superhero would do: Saved his life," Bennett said. "(Shoot). I'm like Scott Summers. You know who Scott Summers is? Cyclops off X-Men. ... My first instinct was to step back, like, 'Oh, (shoot),' but I did the righteous thing ... So I caught him and then slowly tried to pull him down, but then I tripped over somebody and we all fell."

We just hope someone has a YouTube video of all this. Because Cylops doesn't usually fall on a cameraman, which Bennett says happened.

"He owes me his first-born or something," Bennett told USA Today of the fallen man. "Actually I don't want that. Maybe a sandwich or something."

Bail money could also work. The man was reportedly taken away police after the incident for undisclosed charges.

UPDATE:Martellus Bennett spoke to reporters Monday and went into more detail about his propensity for saving lives.

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