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Martellus Bennett could take less to stay with Giants

Martellus Bennett might be willing to take less money to remain a New York Giant. The tight end signed a one-year, $2.5 million contract during the offseason after four sub-par years with the Dallas Cowboys.

"I could sit here and tell you I would, but it depends on what it is," Bennett told The Star-Ledger's Jenny Vrentas. "You never know until the moment comes. But yea, that is something I would do.

"A hometown discount? Yeah."

It's not exactly a surprise that Bennett would want to stay in New York. His 54 receptions, 611 yards and five touchdowns are career highs. Cowboys fans had turned on the promising 2008 second-round draft pick.

Bennett said there have been no extension talks with the Giants, but he wants to settle down in one spot.

"No, so I have no idea what's going to happen," Bennett said. "I would think that they would want me to stay. My first year in the offense, my first year as a starter, I thought I did pretty well. I could have did a lot of things better, but it's so much room for growth, and I finally got a taste of a little success. Hopefully, they want to keep me around, but if not, you never know in this league.

"I'm about to start having kids and stuff. My kids need to make friends, and I don't want to be moving all the time. I would love to have a four- or five-year deal."

Bennett made a quick connection with quarterback Eli Manning, even if the Giants dive-bombed down the stretch. You'd think the organization would want Bennett back, especially if the price is right. And Bennett sounds willing to work toward that number.

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