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Marshawn Lynch's 'about that action, boss' remix

It's the Saturday before the Super Bowl, which means we won't be hearing from the players who are actually playing in the biggest game of the season.

Instead, we can fill our day listening to an epic remix of Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch's entertaining interview with NFL Media's Deion Sanders from Tuesday's Super Bowl Media Day.

After Lynch's "just about that action, boss" interview went viral, Seattle DJ Spekulation put together the catchy remix. Our NFL Media video gurus were given permission to add the audio to video of Beast Mode actually being "about that action" -- because we have those rights, boss.

The video of Lynch's slow jaunt into the end zone against the San Francisco 49ers is just perfect.

On another note, I suggested to Gregg Rosenthal (aka The Boss) that we end all our headlines this week with ",boss." For some reason, he didn't go for the idea.

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