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Marshawn Lynch: 'I'm just here so I won't get fined'

NEW YORK -- Marshawn Lynch continued to speak to the media Wednesday after an adventurous and entertaining Media Day showing.

"I'm just here so I won't get fined, boss. That's the only reason why," Lynch said Wednesday morning.

The Pro Football Writers Association released a statement Wednesday bemoaning the lack of access to Lynch on Tuesday and disagreeing with the NFL's handling of the issue. (The league indicated Lynch would not be fined.) Lynch had a pointed, smart response.

"If y'all say y'all is a bridge from the players to the fans, and the fans really ain't really tripping, then what's the point?" Lynch wondered. "What's the purpose? They got my back. I appreciate that. But I don't get what's the bridge being built for."

We see both sides of the issue. Part of a player's responsibilities in the NFL is media availability. It's required by the league because the media -- the television networks -- pay a large portion of everyone's salary. It comes with the job.

Then again, Lynch clearly is uncomfortable in front of the camera. He was available to NFL Media columnist Michael Silver in a fascinating article and ultimately has spoken with the media more this week than he has over the entire season.

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