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Marshawn Lynch hopes to 'run into a lot of people'

NEW YORK -- Marshawn Lynch's least favorite part of the week is over. He's done speaking with the media after a short session Thursday.

"It's going to be good to get back to football," the Seattle Seahawks running back said.

For the first time all week, Lynch answered mostly football questions. Our favorite response was when he was asked if it was hard to prepare for a game despite the media distractions.

"Stay ready," Lynch said. "So there ain't no getting ready."

Lynch, who sat out practice Wednesday, noted the Seahawks' propensity for "explosive plays," yet hopes that he gets to "run into a lot of people" on Super Bowl Sunday. Lynch likes contact, even out of his offensive line coach, Tom Cable.

"Being from Oakland, all I knew about him is that he punched people," Lynch said of Cable. "That's my type of person."

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