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Marquette King vs. Pat McAfee is coming

How do we know Marquette King has made the leap from faceless punter to legit NFL name brand?

Well, this tweet sums up the transformation rather nicely:

HOT TAKE: King was sending a message by serving as the representative to speak to the Indianapolis media ahead of Saturday's matchup between the Colts and Raiders. FURTHER SUBTEXT: All season, King has crept upon the turf of Colts punter Pat McAfee, who entered this season as the NFL's unquestionable leader in CPP (charisma per punt). DEEP BACKGROUND: McAfee even took exception with this writer (um, that's me) after I wrote earlier this season that King was "making punters great -- not again -- but for the first time."

I like to think that McAfee's tweet revealed that King was on his radar. Consider Saturday's showdown between the Colts and Raiders as the big stage for a royal rumble of punter personality. Two men enter the field, only one could walk away with the title of, um, COOLEST PUNTER. That'll work as a placeholder.

And now, just for fun, let's shine a light on each man's greatest hits. First, as dancers:

And now, as an athlete:

Puntermania I. Saturday should be fun.

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