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Markus Kuhn dealing with work visa problems

Markus Kuhn is not your average rookie. He's 26 years old, from Germany, and looks like the bad guy from a lot of 1980s movies.

He also is battling a unique rookie problem: Work visa issues.

The New York Giants' seventh-round pick is with his new team, but he's not allowed to practice until the government gets his paperwork back to him.

"This just takes a little bit with bureaucracy," Kuhn told The Star-Ledger on Monday. "It just takes a second. But it's nothing crazy. It should come in any day, but until then we have to wait because I can't work."

He is allowed to participate in classroom sessions, but is not allowed to work on the field yet. It could take anywhere from a couple weeks to six months for him to get his visa back in the mail. (As someone whose wife is not an American citizen, I can confirm that Kuhn shouldn't wait by the mail every day.)

"It's so strange. It never happens, but it is what is," Kuhn said. "I can get it any day now."

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