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Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow struggled at Jets camp

The New York Jets broke training camp in Cortland on Thursday. The ESPN crews have packed up and started to head to wherever Tim Tebow goes next. So what did we learn over the last three weeks?

We learned the Jets passing game has a long way to go. This isn't a surprise, but the numbers coming out of Jets camp were awfully ugly. Daily practice stats are overrated at best, and largely not worth mentioning. (Even though teams keep them.) Nearly three weeks' worth of practice stats added together can tell us something.

Mark Sanchez completed 93-of-179 passes (52%) with five touchdowns and seven interceptions. He had one rushing score.

Tim Tebow completed 61-of-123 passes (49%) with two touchdowns and three interceptions. He rushed for three scores.

Add it all up, and the Jets completed 51% of their passes in camp with seven touchdowns and ten interceptions. This is going against a great defense, but pass pressure only turns up in actual games.

Manish Mehta notes that Sanchez "appeared more relaxed and seemingly stress-free" than ever before. We'll check back on that development in a couple of months.

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