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Mark Davis: Raiders would be 'well received' in L.A.

With the Oakland Raiders visiting the Dallas Cowboys for joint practices in Oxnard, California, this week, a new round of discussions about a potential move of Mark Davis' franchise to Southern California began percolating.

The Raiders hold a strong fan base in the Los Angeles area -- where the team called home from 1982 to 1994 -- outdrawing Cowboys fans at public practices.

When Davis walked onto the field Wednesday, Raiders fans cheered, with one man yelling, "Come back to L.A.!" The owner responded by pumping his fist in the air, per USA Today's Lindsay Jones.

The Raiders' lease on their current home, Coliseum, expires following the 2014 season leading to speculation the team could be on the move.

"I think we'd be well received if we ever moved back (to Los Angeles)," Davis said Wednesday, via the Los Angeles Daily News. "Raiders Nation is strong in SoCal."

The prospect of moving to L.A. has its challenges for any team -- namely, a stadium. We've seen many prospective stadium projects fizzle out since the Raiders and St. Louis Rams left Los Angeles in 1995.

Southern California isn't the only region Davis has had discussions about moving to recently. The Raiders owner met with San Antonio city officials late last month.

On Tuesday, Davis told the San Francisco Chronicle his discussions with San Antonio were serious, but he hasn't closed the door on finding a solution in Oakland.

"It was a serious conversation," Davis said. "I don't waste my time just having meetings. But we continue to try to get something done in Oakland."

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