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Mario Williams requests move to left DE for Bills

Mario Williams has moved around a lot lately. In his final season in Houston, he transformed from a right defensive end to an outside linebacker. Then he left town for the big dollars and quiet life of Buffalo, N.Y.

Brooks: Game change

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Now Williams is moving back to a new position for him in the NFL: left defensive end. Dan Pompeii of the National Football Post writes that Williams asked to move back to his old college position, where he says he's more comfortable. Williams played left end at North Carolina State.

It doesn't sound like a big change, but Williams experienced a lot of success for the Texans on the right side. The Bills will put Mark Anderson and Shawne Merriman on the left side opposite Williams.

It certainly can't hurt to have Williams work on his versatility. Moving him from side-to-side will make it tougher for offenses to keep track of him. The Bills shouldn't hesitate, however, to move him back to the right side if the change doesn't work. Why mess with the success Williams has had in the past?

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