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Marc Trestman introduced as Chicago Bears head coach

The Chicago Bears' choice of Marc Trestman as head coach was a bold, unconventional hire. Trestman is known as a sharp offensive mind, so perhaps the only question surrounding him in NFL circles was: Can he lead a room?

Based on Trestman's introductory news conference, we can't imagine that being a problem. By the end of the session, I wanted to play for him. The news conference was half-Belichickian in Trestman's affection for situational football and Carroll-like in Trestman's obvious passion for the game.

"I love ball," Trestman said.

That came through. Here's what else we learned:

1.Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli will be moving on.'s Ian Rapoport reported that Marinelli is expected to land with the Dallas Cowboys.

2. "The No. 1 marriage in all of sports is between the quarterback and his coach," Trestman said. "The quarterback is going to have the keys to the car ... Jay (Cutler) is not a first-year player coming in."

Trestman expressed a big appreciation of Cutler's love for the game and toughness throughout the news conference. It's clear Trestman got the job based on his ability to maximize Cutler's ability, not to mention the other stars on offense.

"(Cutler's) in tune with where he wants to go. I can't wait to get my hands on him and go to work with him," Trestman said.

3. The two finalists for the Bears job were Trestman and Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians.

4. Trestman talked again and again about situational football, unselfish play and specialization.

"We've got to put together a staff of high character. Men who are experts in the science of football," Trestman said.

5. "I'm going to be responsible for keeping Jay and our quarterbacks safe in the pocket," Trestman said.

Hiring former New Orleans Saints assistant Aaron Kromer as the offensive line coach/offensive coordinator is a great start.

6. Trestman will call plays on offense.

7. Trestman wouldn't commit to Brian Urlacher's future with the Bears. Personnel decisions will be made in concert with general manager Phil Emery.

"I recognize what (Urlacher) meant to this locker room," Trestman said. "He exemplifies what it means to be a Bear."

8. To keep up with the NFL, Trestman studied the top offenses and defenses in the league each year after the CFL season ended. Trestman's ability to win immediately in Canada despite not knowing the Canadian game was a big factor in his hiring.

"I'm excited to have four downs, not three," Trestman said.

(CFL humor! Nice.)

9.Bears fans will like this hire. Trestman sounded ready for the role. He admitted he wasn't quite sure he could stand in front of a locker room before he did it in Montreal, but now he knows.

Actual instant messages from fellow ATL writer Marc Sessler during the news conference: "This guy is a secret genius." "This guy sounds like Marty Schottenheimer mixed with Obama." "This dude is electric."

So if nothing else: Trestman has won over Sessler.

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