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Marc Trestman hiring by Chicago Bears is a bold move

The Chicago Bears didn't pick the "hot" coaching name. They didn't roll with the young coordinator like new San Diego Chargers coach Mike McCoy, and they didn't pick the established coaching "star" like Andy Reid.

The Bears, who interviewed 13 candidates, didn't chase after the college flavor of the week. General manager Phil Emery chose Marc Trestman, the 57-year-old coach of the Montreal Alouettes. Trestman was not a candidate for any other NFL job this year.

I don't know if Trestman will be the coach who finally clicks with Jay Cutler or if Trestman will take the Bears further than Lovie Smith did. I do know this selection was different. It was original. In the copycat NFL, that should be applauded.

Trestman is a choice out of left field, but here's what we do know about him:

  1. It's not like he doesn't have NFL experience. He had nine different stops as an NFL assistant from 1985 to 2004. He's most well known as the offensive coordinator for the Oakland Raiders during Rich Gannon's MVP season that ended in a Super Bowl loss. Of course, Jon Gruden got a lot of the credit for establishing that offense.
  1. Trestman also coordinated offenses for the Cleveland Browns (1989), San Francisco 49ers (1995-96) and Arizona Cardinals (1998-2000). The 49ers led the NFL in scoring in '95, and Steve Young led the NFL in passer rating in '96. Yes, Trestman has been around.
  1. Trestman won two CFL titles and made the championship game three times in five years.
  1. NFL notables like Gannon, Jerry Rice and Gruden swear by Trestman. Even the late Bill Walsh had a testimonial for Trestman. Trestman is one of those guys who doesn't get a lot of media attention but is very well respected inside of football.

This is Emery's first hire as a GM. It's such a bold choice, it might be Emery's last hire. (Whether it works or not.) Emery was looking for a man to maximize Jay Cutler's great talent during the quarterback's prime.

After a long, thorough search, Trestman got the nod. It's the coaching opportunity of a lifetime. It's a bold hire that will define Emery's career, too.

The Bears no longer are playing it safe.

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