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Manning brothers make hip-hop debut for DirecTV ad

Say this for Peyton and Eli Manning: They aren't afraid to be ridiculous for the sake of entertainment.

Sure, a fat paycheck from the overlords at DirecTV probably helps. But we don't need to know how the sausage gets made. Just show us the sausage -- in this case, the brothers portraying slow-jam rappers selling the virtues of watching football on mobile devices.

Eli is absolutely rocking a curly wig that summons memories of 1999-era Justin Timberlake. Peyton is dressed like an aging European nightclub patron. They're both woeful in their lyrical delivery. It's kind of like taking Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island guys and removing every drop of musical ability.

Our favorite part is probably when Eli disrespects the memory of Alexander Graham Bell. But really, this is a tour de force all around. Your move, Rodgers brothers.

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