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Major progress made toward deal on new drug policy

The NFL and NFLPA have made major progress toward a deal on a new drug policy, so much so that the union has scheduled a call for Tuesday to finalize a potential agreement.

All 32 player reps have been informed that the call is likely to happen, with the players likely to be advised on a proposal and a vote to follow. A deal has not yet been struck, but momentum has been building for nearly two weeks toward one.

A high-ranking union source said late Monday night that disagreement on the DUI policy remains "by far" the biggest sticking point. And multiple player sources said the reps are unlikely to vote any proposal through that includes the league's current proposal of having players suspended upon a DUI arrest without due process.

There is agreement in most other areas. Among the ideas that have been discussed as part of a potential agreement:

» A higher threshold for positives on marijuana tests, more in-line with general workplace standards across the country. The higher potency of today's marijuana has made it more likely for someone to come up positive based on simple contact, which is why other workplaces have raised their standards.

» Offseason positives for amphetamines being moved from the performance enhancing drug policy to substances of abuse.

» Immediate implementation of HGH testing, which would only be possible with the union dropping its desire for a population study. Players would be allowed to challenge the science of the tests on appeal, which would essentially eliminate the need for a population study.

» Reassessment of penalties already levied during the 2014 league year.

NFLPA president Eric Winston, executive committee member Brian Waters and general counsel Tom DePaso were in New York to meet with league officials Monday afternoon, and those meetings will resume Tuesday.

UPDATE:The NFL player reps will not vote on a new drug policy Tuesday night, according to a union source.

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