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Made to be broken: Marino's passing record in hot water

It's a mark that has stood for more than a quarter-century, but Dan Marino's single-season record of 5,084 passing yards is in legitimate peril.

Not just one but two quarterbacks -- the Saints' Drew Brees and the Patriots' Tom Brady -- are on pace to bury Marino's feat from 1984, when he led Miami to Super Bowl XIX at the tender age of 23.

A 412-yard spree against the Vikings on Sunday put Brees just 304 yards away from Marino's mark. Brady's 320-yard outing in a win over Tim Tebow and the Broncos leaves him 491 yards shy with two games to go.

"I'm aware that we're close," Brees told The Associated Press. "I just know if we keep doing what we're doing, all of that stuff will take care of itself."

Historically, nobody has come closer to Marino's record through 14 games than Brees and Brady. What's telling about this season's pass-happy NFL is that Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers aren't far behind.

Most passing yards through 14 games:

» Brees, 2011: 4,780
» Brady, 2011: 4,593
» Rich Gannon, Raiders, 2002: 4,409
» Warren Moon, Houston Oilers, 1990: 4,401
» Manning, Giants, 2011: 4,362
» Rodgers, Packers, 2011: 4,360
» Marino, 1984: 4,340

It's not beyond the scope of reality that four quarterbacks this season will break a record that has stood since a gallon of gas cost $1.10, a movie ticket cost $2.50 and moviegoers were humming "Ghostbusters."

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