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Lynch rewarded by Skittles for tasting the rainbow

Thursday night's big reveal: Marshawn Lynch is a Skittles man.

The Seahawks running back blew the doors off Philly on Thursday night, barreling for 148 yards and two touchdowns in a nationally televised beatdown that effectively ended the Eagles' troubled season.

Following Lynch's rugged, 15-yard touchdown burst in the first quarter, NFL Network's cameras caught him snacking on a handful of Skittles, a habit that began during his salad days at Oakland Technical High School.

Our friends over in SkittlesLand wasted no time in showing their appreciation.

"Skittles is offering Marshawn Lynch a 24-month free supply & a customized dispenser for his locker for last night's exposure," CNBC's Darren Rovell tweeted Friday morning.

We'll leave it to Don Draper and his men to form an organic link between Beast Mode and cheerful, rainbow-colored candies, but we don't doubt the power behind the connection: on Friday morning, Skittles -- for so long in the bitter shadows of Starburst -- was trending on Twitter.

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