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Luck: Learning from veteran QB 'would be a positive'

Wherever Andrew Luck winds up in the NFL, the Stanford quarterback put to bed the notion that he's unwilling to coexist with an established veteran passer.

"I'm sure it would be a positive," Luck told The Baltimore Sun on Friday. "I'm sure it would all work out, whatever the situation is."

In an interview last week, Archie Manning hinted that his son, Peyton, and Luck would not want to play on the same team. One reason for that was Luck's ability to play right away, according to Archie. On the latter point, Luck seemed to agree.

"If you look at the league right now, all the rookies that are doing so well, I think it's very possible to start," Luck said.

Luck was in Baltimore to collect the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, given to college's top senior or fourth-year junior passer. During the event, he was photographed in a throwback Johnny Unitas jersey, an image that barnstormed Twitter and the web but was only ceremonial, according to Luck.

"I haven't really given much thought to the different scenarios of what could happen because I've got a bowl game to prepare for," he said.

Even though Luck has spent his days in Northern California, reporters pestered the 22-year-old about whether or not he'd seen the age-old, classic comedy "Diner," set in 1950s Baltimore and featuring a tense scene where a young fiancee must pass a lengthy, complex test about the old Baltimore Colts to be worthy of marriage (she fails, and the marriage is called off).

Luck blanked on that one, but under-the-radar cinema prowess isn't why fans are excited about this strong-armed passer.

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