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Lovie Smith asks Bears fans for 'quiet' in red zone

Matt Forte isn't the only one hoping for an adjustment in the red zone.

The Chicago Bears running back wants to see more carries at the goal line. His coach, Lovie Smith, is simply hoping for a little room to think.

"When we have the ball offensively, yes, we would like our crowd to be as quiet as possible," Smith told the Chicago Sun-Times this week. "Of course we would love you to cheer at the end of the play, but in between when we're trying to communicate, yes, we definitely need them to be quiet then."

Quarterback Jay Cutler was the first to suggest that Soldier Field needed to "tone it down" when the Bears had the ball inside the opponent's 20-yard line. Naturally, everybody involved is advocating complete havoc from the faithful when it's the other team's turn.

You have your marching orders, Chicagoland.

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