Los Angeles Chargers training camp: Complete coverage

NFL teams will head off for training camps at the end of July. To tide you over until the official report dates, here's a few things to know about the Los Angeles Chargers.

2017 record: 9-7

Training camp schedule: Rookies: July 27; Veterans: July 27

Three players to watch:Philip Rivers, Melvin Gordon, Joey Bosa

Post-draft analysis, courtesy Jeremy Bergman: The Chargers' first-year head coach is now a second-year coach. Their redshirted rookies (Mike Williams and Forrest Lamp) are healthy and in positions to start. With the addition of Derwin James, L.A.'s secondary will contend for best-in-the-league status. Plus, Younghoe Koo is not on the roster. In short, there are little-to-no excuses for the Chargers and their fan base to make in 2018. Every hole has been filled, or at least patched with a season's worth of Flex Seal. The Bolts' run defense (second-worst in the league in '17) is still suspect, but the additions of James (who also boasts playmaking ability against the run) and Uchenna Nwosu are expected to help in that regard. Other than that, you'll be hard-pressed to find reasons not to project the Chargers as the AFC West favorites, save for factors related to their sandbox sporting grounds or that intangible "Chargers curse." With Denver, K.C. and Oakland all in the midst of a transition, it's the Bolts' time to strike.

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