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Lone season with Jets won't save Dolphins' Taylor from boos

Miami Dolphins linebacker Jason Taylor isn't expecting a warm reception when he returns to MetLife Stadium on Monday night to face the Jets, the team he played with last season.

"I'm sure I'll be booed," Taylor told the Dolphins' official site. "I was booed for a lot of years in that town, and I tried to do my best to make them cheer last year. But being back on the other side of the coin now, I'm sure I'll get my fair share of boos, which is to be expected."

Taylor's 15 seasons in the league -- 13 of them in Miami -- have been mostly losing ones of late, and he admitted last year's playoff run with the Jets was satisfying. He left New York with an unlikely new friend, Mark Sanchez, but his job Monday will be put the Jets' quarterback on the ground.

"I'm not going to play any easier because I know them and am friends with them," Taylor said. "And they're not going to take it easy on me either. I'm sure they want to make me regret not going there or whatever, so it'll be a fun game."

Neither the Jets nor Dolphins are having much fun right now. The winner of Monday's tilt can begin to pick up the pieces from a troubled start. The loser shifts into full-on tailspin mode.

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