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Local columnist: Vikings should trade Adrian Peterson

We've seen a few regrettable columns written about Adrian Peterson in the wake of his son passing away. We read another regrettable Peterson column Thursday, but it had nothing to do with his private life.

Tom Powers of the St. Paul Pioneer Press penned a column imploring the Minnesota Vikings to trade away their best player.

Powers argues that the Vikings are terrible, so they should get draft picks in exchange for Peterson before his decline starts. He brings up the Herschel Walker and Ricky Williams trades as examples of deals that have worked. A few thoughts:

  1. This trade will never, ever happen. Let's just get that out of the way.
  1. No one is making the Herschel Walker or Ricky Williams trade in 2013. Even for Adrian Peterson.
  1. You build around transcendent players. You don't trade them away. Draft picks are so valuable because they offer the chance to find transcendent players.

Debate: Should Vikes deal Peterson?


A newspaper columnist created a stir by saying the Vikings should deal Adrian 
. Harebrained scheme or wise idea? **READ**

  1. You do not trade the greatest player in franchise history just after the public helped finance a new stadium.
  1. Turnarounds in the NFL happen too fast to give up on a truly great player. Things look bleak now, but the Kansas City Chiefs are a great reminder of how fast things can change. With a few tweaks, a little luck and the right quarterback, who is to say the Vikings won't be in contention next year? It would be a crime to humanity if the Vikings didn't have Peterson at that stage.
  1. I've spent too much time on this silly idea. See point No. 1.

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