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Lloyd explains interest in joining up with Patriots

Brandon Lloyd maintains he's keeping all his options open in free agency, but he sure sounds like a guy who wants to catch passes from Tom Brady in September.

Lloyd was a guest on ESPN Boston Radio on Friday, where he discussed how the Patriots' way of doing business is attractive to any free agent.

"That formula is a very special formula and anybody who could be in serious talks of being a part of that formula should be very excited," Lloyd said. "I don't care what position you are. You'd be lying if you're not."

Of course, Josh McDaniels' presence in New England is a draw as well. McDaniels was the head coach in Denver when Brandon Lloyd emerged as one football's most productive receivers in 2010. When McDaniels was fired by the Broncos and signed on as offensive coordinator with the Rams in 2011, St. Louis acquired Lloyd in a midseason trade and his numbers spiked yet again.

"I think I just fit the mold for what Josh is trying to accomplish in his offense," Lloyd said. "That's why I was so successful in Denver, and in turn, in St. Louis.

"I think that's the connection there, besides the fact I have a ton of respect for him and his family, and the way he coaches, and the way he identifies with me and players -- his age, being young, having that attitude of a player," he said. "I think he just gets a good response out of players and definitely out of me."

Lloyd said other factors, including financial ones, will play a role in his decision. That said, the Patriots have a pressing need at receiver, and Lloyd represents a player who could be a huge producer in a scheme he's comfortable with.

Let's see if they get it done.

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